Is MadiSUN Right For You?

This worksheet is intended to help homeowners considering participating in the MadiSUN Group Solar program determine whether they are a great, good or less than good candidates to participate. Your individual results don’t disqualify you from participating, but are meant to help you understand whether the MadiSUN solar group purchasing program is right for you.

Step 1: Your Electric Energy Use
Go to and enter your home’s address to calculate your average monthly electric energy use

🙂 Excellent Potential – Your home annual electricity usage averages LESS than 541 kWh per month (approx. $85 monthly electricity bill). Your home would automatically qualify for the Focus on Energy Enhanced Efficiency rebate. This enhanced incentive can add 25% of the standard Focus financial incentives which may have a value of $400 or more for a typical solar installation.
😐 Good Potential – Your home annual electricity usage averages MORE than 541 kWh per month.  

Step 2: Your Properties Solar Site Potential
Enter your home’s address in field #1 and click the Solar Duration button in field #2 at to determine your property’s average solar exposure.

🙂 Excellent Potential – Your home or garage roof is COMPLETED shaded with red/orange
😐 Good Potential – Your home or garage roof is PARTIALLY shaded with red/orang
😦 Little Potential – Your home or garage roof has NO red/orange

Step 3: Your Availability to Participate
MadiSUN requires each homeowner participate in the following activities:

  • RSVP and attend a two hour workshop or webinar (attendance only required for one of the events below)
    • Goodman Community Center (149 Waubesa Street) on Thursday, August 18th at 6:00pm
    • Lussier Community Education Center (55 South Gammon Road) on Wednesday, Aug 24th @ 6:00pm
    • Webinar (Aug 19, noon)
    • One hour visit from a certified solar site assessor between June and September.
    • One hour promoting to my neighbors, friends and co-workers about MadiSUN Group Purchase Program to grow the pool of participants between June and September.
  • Spend five to six hours reviewing my system design, pricing and contract with the installer within the next 6 months.🙂 Excellent Potential –YES,  I am ABLE to commit to participating in both of these activities
    😦 Little Potential –NO,  I am UNABLE to commit to participating in both of the above activities.