Take the Time of Use Challenge

Individuals interested in learning more about the benefits and how to take advantage of time-of-use rates should attend a free workshop on Wednesday October 12th at 6:30, Urban League of Madison 2222 S. Park St Suite 200 Elvue Rm B. Reserve your spot to attend by completing the form below:

More About Time-of-Use
MGE provides a choice for customers to reduce their electric bills by changing when they use electricity. If you shift significant electricity use from times of high electric demand to when demand is low, you will save.

TOU rates reflect MGE’s costs to supply energy. It is more expensive to serve customers ­on-peak—when demand for electricity is high. MGE charges customers less for off-peak power—when the total amount of electricity their customers are using is low.

As a MadiSUN participant, when you install solar panels on a TOU meter, the panels produce power mostly during On-peak hours.  The excess power, what you generate minus what you use, is credited at the more expensive rate.  Your investment in solar is valued for generating more expensive power when electric usage is highest, resulting in a quick rate of return on your electric bill.

TOU off-peak and on-peak hours

The challenge is to shift your electric usage to the “blue” times in the chart above, and get efficient during the “yellow” hours. The less you electricity you use while the sun is shining, the faster your system pays for itself in the value of on-peak power.

Here’s two months examples of how it works – when there’s little sun and lots of sun.

To receive free assistance to determine if TOU rates works for you contact:

Alicia Leinberger
Seventh Generation Energy Systems