Is my home a good candidate for solar?
That depends on what your goals are for investing in solar. Some people invest in solar for economic reasons, others for environmental reasons and some for a little bit of both. A good solar site assessment provides you with information about the total potential solar energy production for your property. A quote/bid from an installer provides you with your installed cost to invest in solar. Using this information together you can make an informed decision whether or not solar can meet your goals today.

A good place to begin is the MadiSUN Solar Map and the MadiSUN PV Consumer Guide 06-11 (note some information is outdated due to recent policy changes and example pricing does not reflect MadiSUN Group Solar Program discounted pricing).

How much electricity will my solar panel produce?
Generally, 1kw of standard PV panel produces approx. 1200 kWh per year in buildings with excellent solar access in Wisconsin. Higher efficiency panels can provide produce more power per kW. Start by looking at your current annual average usage by visiting

Do I need to have extra homeowners insurance for my solar system?
Solar electric systems are becoming more familiar to insurance professionals, but check with your provider to make sure they will cover your property and have a process from adjusting the value of your property with the system installed.

Who is eligible to participate?
All residents in Madison and households in the MGE electricity territory are eligible to participate. Additional fees may apply to individuals outside of Madison.

I already have solar but would like to add more, can I still participate?
Yes you can.

I’ve completed my enrollment form, what happens next?
In most cases, you will receive a quote via email based upon your MadiSUN solar site assessment from the selected installer within a few days after we receive your Enrollment MOU. If you agree to the quote provided, contact the installer to receive additional paperwork to finalize your purchase. In some cases, a site visit may be necessary. From the installer, you will receive a contract to sign, submit and will be required to include a deposit down payment. Once you’ve submitted your completed paperwork, the installer will arrange on-site visit with you. The installer will schedule your installation to begin at the earliest time available.

Are business eligible to participate?
No. But a separate program for businesses is being launched.
Contact  Don @ Weccusa.org for more information.

Have additional general questions about solar?
Take a look at the MadiSUN PV Consumer Guide 06-11 or contact
solar @ cityofmadison.com