MadiSUN Residential Group Purchase Results

The MadiSUN Residential Group Solar project launched in June 2011. Supported by the City of Madison and the Department of Energy’s Solar America Communities program, the effort was aimed to create interest and excitement around residential owned solar energy and save on the cost of solar through volume purchasing program.

Several proposals by local solar companies were received through a formal bidding process and a committee selected the installer based on a variety of criteria including price savings, quality of service and quality of product. Through the course of several months, over 100 individuals attended one of the numerous  informational workshops and webinars that were put on throughout the area resulting in the following:.

  • 20 households participated in the program (see  below). This represents a 13% increase in the total number of residential owned solar installations in the Madison area.
  • 78 kW of solar energy was installed. This represents about 10% increase in the total number of kW of residential owned solar installations in the Madison area.
  • Participants saved an average of 20% on the cost of solar energy by participating in the volume purchasing program (see graph below).
  • The average installation size was 3.7 kW. The largest installation was 6.4 kW and the smallest was 1.875 kW.
  • Almost 3,000,000 kWh of renewable energy will be produced over the lifetime of these installations which will reduce the emission of 124.3 ton of C02 per year into the environment.